Website help and domain

just purchased my domain, i have a free website already set up and i want to transfer my paid domain on the site. (forumotion) im not even sure if dreamhost is compatible with forumotion. can someone please help me.

i also tried the the click install to make a phpBB forum though it isnt letting me select my domain its registered and set to DNS, what do i need to do to be able to transfer this?

when i tried to connect my domain to my site i got this message

“The supplied domain name is not well configured
You have no CNAME redirecting to :
You have configured a A type DNS ( A type redirects to an IP address, and not to a textual domain name like the CNAME )”

im new to all this first time having a domain
how do you edit your domain? do i need to delete it then remake it?

so i was able to get it to direct to my free forum though its still not the main domain that i want it to be

You have two threads going, one is labeled a suggestion, yet the page you reference that needs update is not even a dreamhost page.

Making a post like this last one, doesn’t help anyone help you. Most of us aren’t dreamhost employee’s so we can’t look at your account to help guess what you’re talking about. DNS is public tho, as we can all look at those records, only problem is you haven’t told us what your domain name is. Now you say you have a subdomain that’s working but you want it to be the main domain instead, that’s great give us that sub-domain and we can help you get it working on the main domain.

Another factor with your issue might be propagation time. Are you aware that DNS changes generally don’t happen very quickly? You may not be waiting the 4-8 hours necessary for changes to propagate across the internet before assuming failure and making anohter change. is the domain i paid for and is the free forum i want my domain on

Forumotion does have horrible documentation for this. At least this is what I found:

If you want the forum to appear on your main domain, the first thing you need to do is delete off the manage domains page in the panel, and then add it back. When you add it back scroll all the way to the bottom of the Add page and only put the domain name in the “DNS only” section at the very bottom. (Don’t fill out anything else on the Add page.)

Once that’s done, on the “Manage domain’s” page in the panel, click the DNS button under the domain. You want to add a record with the type set to CNAME and the value set to (I’m not positive if you need to add the www in the Name field. Forumotion’s example shows adding “www.” on dreamhost tho either leave it blank or put “www” (no period))

Now go update the domain name in your forumotion control panel.

Now wait. DNS changes are not instant give it 4 hours our so to make its way around the internet.

Looks like the www is working fine now, but you still have a dreamhost apache instance that’s answering at

That means you still have a “fully hosted” domain on the manage domains page.

Non-authoritative answer:


Ohhh okay, so how do i change this to match the site im hosting on?

Get hosting deleted on the manage domains page in the panel. Then we can figure out if you needing more record or not. I didn’t understand forum options documentation,and said in the beginning you might need a second record. But until you get the conflicting information out of there, by deleting hosting on the manage domains page of the dreamhost panel we won’t know.

alright i believe the hosting was removed? it set to DNS only on its own

EDIT: :open_mouth: it redirects itself now but idk if its completely fixed or??

Edit 2: nope its not redirecting on internet explore just firefox and google chrome.

I just went to check your DNS records. It seems like its still showing hosting, but one of dreamhosts nameservers is showing different. Also is showing records as of now, that don’t make sense:

Please remember that after you make a change that affects DNS you need to give it 12 hours to propagate. DNS changes don’t occur worldwide instantly. DNS change means a manual record that you add/edit/delete, OR Entries that dreamhost makes on your behalf via automation when you do things like add or delete hosting from a domain.

okay now it isn’t working at all whatsoever i cant access my site!
i removed the dns CNAME and it doesnt let me add it back the way it was, why is that? … o.O

im beyond confused

ohhh okay the custom thingies were taking up the space okay i fixed that one issue.

im just gonna leave it alone for right now and hopefully it will fix itself later, its 3 am i stayed up pretty late frustrated with this lol

making some progress now it just shows “site not found dreamhost” so do i need to wait a little longer?

Thsnks to Lakerat for helping me out both issues seem to be working fine now thanks to your guidance.

glad to hear you got it worked out.

actually, is down, is working, im now back to square one.

i found out that when i type it without the www it works but that doesn’t work for everyone else.

Please go to “manage domains” in the panel verify the domain says “DNS only” and then click the DNS link under position the screen so all of “Your custom DNS records for” can be seen and either take a screenshot (or if using windows use snipping tool). Now upload the pic to or and paste the link here.

this is the image and what i changed recently now both links show as “Dreamhost site not found” instead of one working over the other.

You need to delete A-record with a value of, that’s a dreamhost IP. (not sure where that came from, but it is a huge part of your problem).
the second record also needs to be deleted, that won’t do anything but make a never ending loop.

the third record is correct, per the original forumotion documentation. You might need a second CNAME record without the www, but leave it out for now.

I can’t tell from the screenshot, but make certain your domain says “DNS Only” on the manage domains page, and NOT “fully hosted”.

Once you make these changes, stop and wait. DNS records are cached everywhere from your browser to your computer, to possible your router, ISP etc. In most cases, dreamhost’s TTL (time to live) is 4 hours meaning at just over 4 hours all cached records should have it expired, that’s in theory tho, in practice give it 8 or 12 hours. At that point in time be sure to use Ctrl-f5 to force your browser to reload from the server, which should help with the fact browsers tend to like to be really persistent with caching re-directs (for too long).