Website hacked

Hi, I have, as it turns out, fewer skills at this web design business than I thought. My website was hacked a few days ago (somebody from Indonesia used it to send out spam e-mails), and is now shut down. To get it up and running again I need to go through my FTP file and delete everything I didn’t upload, or so the tech people tell me, but when I click on that it all looks like gibberish to me. Anybody out there willing to lead me through a simple, concise, step by step process for fixing things? Pretend I’m a wee little baby who barely understands language, as most overly technical terms will lose me in a heartbeat. Help!

Do you have a local backup of what is yours? If so, ask support to literally “reset” your account, then you can re-upload your files (assuming you have “hardened” them to prevent further hacking).

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