Website hacked (-_-)


Hi there,

My website was “hacked” today according to dreamhost, i used a 3rd party plugin which defaced my website and added new tables to my mysql database the good news is i have a back-up ready (vaultpress as dreamhost requested) and waiting for the security team, bad news is they don’t have a live chat feature and Ive been told there is no ETA on replies from the security team which could mean my site is blacklisted for days!.

Im really worried and just want this fixed!

I tried to get thought to the tech team to see if they could just simply restore my site from the files i gave them but they told me the same message “we have already told you, you need to contact abuse”

Would love some information to push this forward as a major site is going to be talking about our site any day now and we could be hosting malware (eeeeekkkkkkk!)

Please please please pleaaasseee help.

Thanks in advanced.


UPDATE: Dreamhost said they couldn’t restore my site and told me to use one of there restore services which broke both the site and didn’t restore fully.


Unfortunately we were unable to process your domain restore for … we seemed to be able to find a backup but for some reason
couldn’t restore it within four hours! If you want, you can reply to
this email and we’ll try and see if there’s anything we can still do.

We are very sorry about this! Howevvvvver… we actually make no
guarantees about availability of backups, and highly recommend you
always keep your own copies of all important data. Please follow the
link below for instructions with this:

The Unhappy Dreamhost Domain Restore Robot!

so i contacted vaultpress which responded quickly and told me they could restore my files for me over there system automatically via there link with the wordpress plugin. i must admit im very happy i took out there service and im glad dreamhost informed me about them on there blog.

So thanks to dreamhost for informing me and thanks to vaultpress for carrying out the work.