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hi, i think this might be pretty simple stuff but i just dont have a clue. i already have a website of my own ( and, i now want to make a website for a friend and i will host the files for the site on my server that i paid for (crazy domain insane) and she will just pay the 10 bucks for the registration. is there a way to do this so that my friend can’t access any of the files on my server, so that my stuff stays private, and she can only see her files when she logs in? and even further, once i set up the page for her, if she wants to add some files (like photos or something) to a folder, can she just do that through ftp? i ask because right now i cant figure out how to access the ftp stuff on her account with my web browser… is there a way to do this? i want to help my friend since she cant pay for hosting (but CAN pay for the domain registration) but i would like to keep my files on the server private, and also her files private as well (since some of my friends have my password)

This should be fairly simple to accomplish. Just log into the panel > Users > Manage Users, and create a new user. Next in the Panel > Domains > Manage Domains, edit the domain you’ve registered for your friend to be ‘owned’ by the new user you just created.

There, now that user is the only user to have access to that site, and not the rest of your stuff. You can also grant your friend access to the parts of the panel that pertain to her domain. To do this, Panel > Users > Account Privileges, and Grant permissions to a new user. You can go through and check the sections and domains she has access for.

Hope this helps to clear things up for you.

–Matttail - personal website


thanks for responding so quickly too!!!


Matt, does editing the owner of the domain edit any of the existing files that have already been created for that domain? What about the actual web root folder? Does this matter?

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When editing the owner of an existing domain the files should be copied to the new owner. When I’ve done this (only once or twice) the folder was left intact in the old user’s space - though it’s no longer associated with anything web-accessible.

“Does this matter?” I assumed it didn’t matter for the OP, as the site was still being setup. I figured if even something wonky happened it would be easy enough for him to simply re-upload through FTP and be done with it.

–Matttail - personal website