Website forwarding


Does anyone know how to set up website forwarding with dreamhost?
i.e. I have two urls. When someone types i wan’t them to be redirected to I’ve changed this with the company i registered my dns with but 48 hours later nothing’s changed and because the domain is hosted by dream host i’m assuming i need to change it here. But it’s not clear at all where I would do that. My DNS registration company has a section called website forwarding. Any thoughts?

Thanks a lot,


you can do it in the panel under manage my domains


Thanks bobocat. Forgive my ignorance/stupidity, but could you tell exactly where to do this, or what the menu option is called?

I’d really appreciate it. Thanks.


where = panel
menu option = manage my domains


ok so i followed these instructions

and I get a message saying “error. You can’t add that domain: already in our system”

Both sites are hosted on dreamhost but one has nothing on it. just dreamhost holding page. the other is fully functioning site.

do you know why this is happening?


are both domains in your control? or are you trying to re-direct a domain that someone else owns?


manage domains -> change from fully hosted to redirect