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I’m not sure if this is the right place to post this message (and if it should be posted on this forum at all), but I know this is a place where I might find skilled people that want to take the challenge of creating a new website.

The thing is, I have a nice idea for a website of which the only goal is to help charity projects, but I can not realise this on my own because I don’t know enough about web design.

The website will attempt to increase donations to any kind of project in a special way. Which projects are aimed for and where the donations come from is completely decided by the visitors of the website. They will be involved a lot, also in posting news articles, updating general content, coming up with new ideas, … Of course for certain activities registration and approvement will be required.

The website would be a challenge to make, and I think it might even require more than one web designer. This kind of webdesigers is needed:

This quote is taken from, the forum I set up with more details about the website project. Please take a look there if you are interested and feel free to ask questions here or on the PAI forum.

Thanks for your time to read this, and I’m sorry if it isn’t allowed to post this message here.

Ever looked at Joomla? It’s a CMS and for the little expirence I have with it seems like it might already have a lot of the features you’re looking for - and it doesn’t really require much scripting skill to set it up.

Also, are you looking for volunteers to web design for you, are you are advertising a paying position?

–Matttail - personal website

Thanks for your quick reply.

A CMS will not be sufficient due to the high level of customization I need. I only gave a brief summary of the website features to keep my post not too big, but they will not at all be limited to posting and editing articles on the website. Actually that’s subordinate. The main activity will involve some kind of voting system but with rather complex rules (algorithms). Also several mechanisms have to be developed to put certain charity projects in the spotlights (those that deserve extra attention, based on certain metrics). This is just to give a few extra examples.

So, the website will more or less have to be developed from scratch.

I’m looking for volunteers who want to commit to the project. One or more web designers is one kind of volunteers needed, but in fact I am already looking for many more (for which tasks is explained on the PAI forum, link see in first post). I think for most web designers it’s not a problem to stay commited to a project if the website evolves continuously, and that will be the case (otherwise long-term commitment wouldn’t be necessary anyway). But of course it’s always possible to step out, I’m not forcing anyone. Only we have to be sure then that the website code is commented well enough and things like that.

Somebody who’s interested in making the website, can first see the full details, give his opinion and still back out if the project doesn’t seem what he thought. That’s no problem.

I read through the information on the forum that you linked in your previous post, and am wondering why you felt that you might find volunteers with the necessary technical skill set on a “Beginner’s Forum”?

Just curious! :wink:


Easy question :slight_smile:

I’m the beginner and I suppose skilled people come here to help out beginners :stuck_out_tongue:

Or should I ask my question in the Web Design forum?

That makes a lot of sense to me.

You make is a good point, and I suppose this forum is as good as any other :wink: .

Good luck with your endeavor!


I changed strategy and decided to fully disclose my ideas. I can not expect people to just believe in me and have faith :wink:

What follows, is a copy of the first topic (updated) on the PAI forums (, summarizing it all. Please check out the forum for full details.

You could reply here, but even better would be to reply on the PAI forums because all thoughts are useful in further developing this project. If they are posted there, everybody can see them and not just me. It is still up to you what you prefer, of course.

Project All-In (preliminary name)

What is the project: creating a non-profit website that a.o. wants to operate as a link between charity projects and their donors in a unique way.
Main goal of the website: increasing support for charity projects.
Your potential added value: comes from sharing your opinion. As a community of volunteers, we can achieve a lot more. You can also carry out certain tasks.



I have an initial idea for a new website. Everything that came to my mind so far, is described in the posts on these forums. The basic function of it will be to increase donations for charity projects by offering donors publicity in return (win-win situation). How exactly is very original and described further on. A very important factor is enabling intensive user interactivity and providing some entertainment. All donations are still directly transfered to the charity project (not first to the accounts of this website). This website will not earn a penny of those donations.

In order to improve the idea and the execution of it, I can use a lot of help of people who want to do something for a good cause without earning money for it. everybody can help, not all tasks require specific skills. Even very small things can help this project, for example simply posting critical thoughts on this forum, or writing something about this new website on your blog, when it launches.


The website we want to create will have 3 cornerstones:

  1. A website section that wants to achieve the main goal of PAI: increasing donations for charity projects. Any project can be selected to be helped receiving more donations (of course no project will be supported on a never-ending base). Organizations or individuals that want to donate money to a project, select one on the website. As soon as there are 5 potential donors for a certain project, a poll opens with these 5 donors. The website visitors then vote for the donors they like most. The less votes a donor has when the poll closes, the higher will be the proportion of his offered donation that he has to pay. The money a project receives, increases also with every extra vote. Donors that offer a donation, receive publicity in the sense of people seeing the poll and they also get an own page on the website (as long as the poll is open). Read the full details about this mechanism in the “Project development” forum!

  2. A community of volunteers that develop, maintain, expand and run the website. Among others, they select the projects that are to be supported, they think along on how to improve the website, they write news items and other articles for the website, they expand cornerstone 3 of the website (see next), they find donors for the project (but the achievement of the main goal absolutely does not rely on this task, even if they do not actively search for donors, the site intends to attract them anyway!), they promote the website on their blogs and websites, …

  3. A portal aiming for people who want to volunteer in any way. This part of the website should guide everybody who wants to volunteer. There are many ways: helping this website, volunteering for a local project, volunteering remotely (e.g. via the Internet), collecting materials or money to donate to a project, … This section of the website will not attempt to directly give all information, but will rather link to the best websites around. This section of the website has to be reviewed and updated regularly by volunteers.

How can you help realizing this project?

There are many possible ways in which you can contribute to this project. Really everybody can be of value. Volunteers for this project can chose to invest little or much time in one or more of the following tasks:

[*] First of all, people are needed to give their opinion on the complete functioning of the website. Will the idea work out as intended, how can it be improved, … Volunteers with all kind of skills are welcome: legal, technical, economical, esthetical, … aspects all play a role. Actually, no specific skills are needed at all, and there is no limit on the number people helping.

[*] One or more volunteers are needed to code the website. They need to be skilled and experienced in scripting and databases. The website will involve a lot of interactivity by the visitors and by the volunteers maintaining it. Several algorithms will have to be programmed to define all kinds of rules that come with interactivity. The website also needs systems for registration, news posting, interactive content editing, polling, … So obviously, the skills to create this kind of systems is required (think of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, SQL, …). Example websites that require similar skills are,, and, to name a few.

How much weight rests on the shoulders of the web designer(s)? Only that of the actual coding (purely technical). In advance, the community of volunteers for the website will explore my full idea and give comments. Together we will look to fill in the details and try to improve it where that’s possible. Of course also the web designer is as welcome as all others to give his opinion. But then, when the main idea is totally clear, me and some others will make a very detailed plan of the website, with layout, functionality, algorithms,… already specified in great detail.

[*] The graphical part of the website can be done by the same people or by somebody else, in cooperation with the rest of the community of volunteers (that for example give their opinion on the preliminary design).

[*] Volunteers are needed to fill up the website with content (see cornerstone 1 and 3).

[*] Finally, many volunteers can help promoting the website at start-up (and later on). This is not as limited as it looks like. This will become clear when you read more about the project. No technical skills at all are needed for this.

In conclusion

Whatever task you do, the most important thing is that you want to be part of a community and think along with the rest of us, or just spend a little bit (or a lot) of time contributing.

Please also do not be afraid that you can’t perform certain tasks. For all tasks, clear guidelines will be provided and we will all cooperate.

Feel free to ask further questions or to simply introduce yourself. You can read and post in all forums as a guest. If you post something regularly, please register though. It makes it easier for us to understand yoru background, etc.