Website "Finalizing Setup" stuck at 97%

Hello, my new website has been “finalizing” at 97% for several hours, despite saying that it will be finished in a few minutes. I am able to change settings on the website but I would like this bar to give me confirmation before I start on anything important. I am not sure what to do about it as there is no reset option. Thanks.

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Has there been any update? We’re having the same issue…

I still have no solution, the bar still appears on my dashboard. I have however set up my website and everything seems functional despite the progress bar not being complete.

All the recent posts regarding account setup glitching out mention this “97%” value. Apparently something is failing intermittently in their current automated set-up process.

I’d be seriously inclined to file a ticket with Support and query them on what that last 3% actually does, as it might be an important step that has not yet completed.

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