Website extremely slow-unacceptable performance

I have recently inherited a website and domain from the company we purchased.
The site is hosted on DreamHost and the site was developed with Magento for performing ecommerce.

While I am not an expert with Magento I have researched the performance issue…caches have been cleared and updated both Magento side and on client browser side. I’ve tried disabling widgets, scripts etc to narrow things down but no luck.

The site takes 20-30 seconds to respond in both IE, FF and Chrome.

Wondering if there is something DH can do server side to help troubleshoot?

I just migrated one of my sites and this is my first experience, after spending a couple of weeks getting billing straightened out. Does anyone know if this is normal?

Tekno: Have you tried reaching out to our support team about this yet? You can submit a ticket, or start a LiveChat via the “Chat Live” button on your panel. To submit a ticket, navigate here:

Or you can mention the domain here and I’ll see if I can find anything on my end. Thanks!

Laurie: I see you’ve had a LiveChat about this recently, and the issue was some hanging processes on your Apache service. If you have trouble again, please let us know right away!

@DH_Elle S…thanks…I did enter a support ticket.
Tracking # is 5936875

Hi Tekno,

I see you were able to get in contact with our Live Chat support and our support team has updated your ticket. You can view your support history here If you have any other questions or need any further support please be sure to let us know.

Matt C