Website error


I am running a website but unfortunately some thing wrong happened with it and redirecting to

I had tried to install the link directory but i removed all the files related to this software…

Please help me how to over come this…

as the website home page can be seen by below URL

I am looking forward to get help from you guys…

Thanks in advance…

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Your homepage seems to load fine for me, with or without the “default.htm” appended to the url. It seems as though you have resolved your problem.

Did you clear your cache after removing the lilnkmachine stuff? If you didn’t, that could account for you still seeing the redirect while I am not.


Please check it again…

I have reinstalled and getting the same…

I’m not sure what you are trying to do, or what error you are seeing, but here is what I see from my end:

  1. - procudes an “404 not found” message (url from your first post)

  2. - loads that site without issues.

  3. - loads without issues.

  4. - loads without issues

What problem(s) are you having?


I’m seeing everything as rlparker is, though we appear to use different numbering schemes :wink:

Check out Gordaen’s Knowledge, the blog, and the MR2 page.

Is this spam?

I only ask because you didn’t bother hyperlinking the domain that you want us to check, which seems to work fine for everyone… but the site you did try to hyperlink doesn’t seem to be hosted here.

I guess I just get suspicious when someone’s profile contains both “SEO” and “link building.” Ahhhh… I’m probably just paranoid. :wink:

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