Website downtime


It seems that my webpage is down 1/5 times that I check it.
I have already sent in support requests once, and now my werbsite is down againg… It is supposed to be a general maintanance period, and wesbsites are “supposed” to be up, but mine is not… Is anyone else experiencing pisspoor service?
If this continues I will definately discontinue my service and go with a more reliable web host. I just cannot afford to have my website down 1/5 times that I check it…


No, I am not seeing any downtime on the 15 servers I am on. But, that doesn’t do you any good…as that only means you are not on one of my social servers.

Let the discussion users know what server you are on and those that are on the same server may be having the same trouble.


I have to admit I am getting dissapointed, especially when I am working on some pages and then there is no connection. This seems to happen once every couple of days (today is the worst with extremely low speeds or nothing at all now for the past two hours).

As per usual, I let support know, within a 1/2 hour they verify there is a problem and then it’s fixed shortly there-after, but it is frustrating - how many others are trying to get onto the site and then give up not to try again?


Okay - now this is REALLY frustrating. It is still tooooooo slow - (I’m still waiting to get on my website after hitting refresh) and I received this message only seconds beforehand: [X]
1 min 37 secs ago: Outage resolved: No server-wide problem was found.
26 mins 36 secs ago: Outage first reported.

There definately IS a PROBLEM !

I am reporting another (this is what I’ve been doing the past few hours):
(web) [X]
1 sec ago: Outage first reported.

It seems to work for a brief second and then goes down again for long periods of time.

(much later…)
(web) [X]
40 mins 57 secs ago: Outage first reported.


Really miffed ! Still way tooooo slow (that’s if I get anything at all from the site) and now I get a message saying:

(web) [X]
14 secs ago: Outage resolved: No server-wide problem was found.
43 mins 45 secs ago: Outage first reported.

Now it’s time to write a note to them.

Okay I wrote a note and sure enough (Murphy’s Law) everything worked fine within 5 minutes following that.


How do i determine which server I am on?


To find out which machine you’re on, go to the Control Panel.
Under “Users,” the “Manage Users” tab will show which machine(s) your user(s) are on.