Website down

I have been trying to contact dreamhost since 5/9/14. I have sent 4 emails and have had no response. I currently have my website down and clients wanting to know what is going on. Is anyone else having issues with your site or them responding?

seems to be happening to some other people as well.

…just out of curiosity: can you log in to your DreamHost panel, Go to Domains>Edit the Domain you are having issues with… and tell us what PHP version it is set to use?

I ask because now that I think of it, this past Friday, a site I work on was down. Someone from the company contacted me and said they were having some issues…when I investigated I found that the PHP version had inexplicably been down-graded to PHP 5.2
I assumed a well-meaning but bumbling employee had found their way in and made changes, but after reading all of the issues I wonder if something else might have happened.

upgrading back up to PHP5.4 fixed everything in that case…may or may not be related to what you are experiencing.

I cant log in either :frowning:

I got logged in and it appears the dns was changed. I am not sure how that happened.

was the PHP version changed?