Website down


Hi Dreamhost Administator

I’ve always been happy with Dreamhost hosting(still am), and just renewed my plan with Dreamhost as well.

However, my site - has been down since last night(GMT+8, I’m in Singapore). I’ve checked all the other domains, both hosted on and not on DH and are all working fine. seems to be the only domain down, which is registered from DH. I’ve also checked the expiry, another domain which supposed to expire in 2 days(but I’ve renewed it) worked so I assume it has nothing to do with the expiry.

Just hoping to clarify if there’s any trouble with my domain/account.

Thanks for the time taken, deep appreciation.



We’re not DreamHost. We’re customers like you. Except that I can get to your domain. Jing’s Online Portfolio. Looks pretty.

When I test for an outage, I try third party access, such as:
And see if they can get to my site.

Generally, though, I use to keep an eye on things for me.



Hi sdayman

Yup, I asked a few of my friends about it. Though I’m still not able to access it, but I guess it’s just my own access that’s in error.

Thanks for the attention. ^^

Thread close.



I think it is a problem with your connectivity - I can access the site just fine. :wink: