Website down

Whats going on? My site is down and I cant get into the Control Panel on the Dreamhost site. My site is Whats the problem? If someone can tell me whats up asap Id appreciate it.


looks ok to me, well, it’s up anyhow :slight_smile:


same here… if its not down (my forums) its really got damn slow =( =( Deals & Coupon Codes. Why Pay Retail? has been down for several days

When we click the link we get the following message :

Site Temporarily Unavailable
We apologize for the inconvenience. Please contact the webmaster/ tech support immediately to have them rectify this.

error id: “bad_httpd_conf”

Can somebody help us fix this please?


There is a wiki entry concerning the error. Or just contact the support using the panel.

Wiki entry:

You answered your own question before you asked it. :wink:

[quote]… Please contact the webmaster/ tech support immediately to have them rectify this.

Can somebody help us fix this please?[/quote]
The wiki article that was mentioned might work, but it’s a quick easy fix for support… which requires that you contact support through the panel. This is pretty much just a customer forum with occasional visits from DH staff.

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Tried to contact support, but they won’t accept my email because it’s not a customers email. The owner of the site is out of town for an unknown length of time. There is another person on the forum who has admin access, but he doesn’t have the right emial either. Is there someway to bypass the email thing and be able to contact support?

I am a moderator on the site

Tweedle820 who wrote the original post in this thread is the owner

You have to use the contact form in the control panel. If you’re not the customer that owns the account, or you haven’t been given access to that area, then support wouldn’t be dealing with you anyway.

If support happens to see it here, they might fix on their own… but you basically need to be a customer to get customer support.

Michael seems to be the most active DH employee on this forum, so you could try contacting him with a link to the site.

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Ok, thank you

Hmm…I tried sending a pm to micheal and it says We have no record for the Username that you are trying to send this message to

Edit: doh, never mind I got the spelling wrong

Try michael :slight_smile:


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The account was disabled for a chargeback. Since chargebacks are so serious, it is not possible to re-enable the site.

What’s a chargeback?

Google is your friend:


Oh wow…really? Ok…I guess we’ll be needing to find a new website then…darn it. I never would have thought…

Thanks to all who helped

Sorry dude.

Maybe you can talk Michael into taking you back if you pay via paypal…


Not likely. He’s not the original owner, so it’s not likely that DreamHost would sell an existing account to someone who’s not the owner. If the original poster wants to foot the entire bill as a “donation” to the original owner, maybe DreamHost would reinstate the account to the original owner.


Its not a matter of changing payment methods. As stated above a chargeback means that we will no longer do business with you. Ever.

I actually think this policy is a little harsh because chargebacks can happen by accident. This is particularly the case when over-conscientious credit card providers monitor huge numbers of transactions over the Christmas period. Sometimes they can arise from a technical error between the merchant and the card provider, or between the card company and the issuing bank. Debit cards are particularly susceptible to chargeback problems (which is why many businesses no longer accept them). I would’ve thought it was reasonable to offer a chance to appeal under certain circumstances.

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Actually, chargebacks don’t happen by accident, you have to fill out a bunch of forms and sign them. Even if the issuing bank did the chargeback without the customer knowing (which I have yet to see) we would not want to do business with ‘them and their issuing bank’ because what would stop them from doing it again?

Visa/MC places all of the risk onto the merchant. As such, we cannot do business with someone who has accused of us stealing as it puts our entire merchant account in danger.