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Hi! I am completely incompetant, and I’ve got a problem that I can’t seem to fix inside the system. My website has disappeared, and has been gone for three days, which kills our email and does serious damage to the company’s ability to get things done and keep in touch with our customers. Our username and password don’t work on the website or in my ftp thing anymore, so I assume that the problem is specifically with my account, but since I can’t use my username and password to access tech support, I’ve got no way to address the problem. Can anyone help?

If your WHOIS information is correct, I can see no reason why your site should be down.

You can contact DreamHost through their contact form. If you’re really stuck, you can probably email one of the “Honchos” directly (eg.

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All of that stuff is correct, but it still looks to me like the account is cancelled or something. I don’t want to have to change hosts, but I’ve got to get this back up and running today or my boss is going to kill me. I can’t think of anything other than a cancelled account that would make my name and passwork stop working, and I’m sure I’m not mistyping them, because they’re saved.

[quote]If you’re really stuck, you can probably email one of the "Honchos"
directly (eg. …


Actually, I would highly recommend not doing that.

While I have given out my email address for quality control concerns, I wouldn’t recommend contacting me directly as a way to receive standard technical support. I only handle support part time, and am often not available during normal support hours - and usually not at all during the weekend. If anything, trying to avoid the queue this way almost always going to receive a less timely response (I generally just move normal support requests back to the main queue when they’re sent my way, causing an additional delay of several hours or more).

I mostly mention this because I’ve noticed a lot of people lately emailing me directly for support, often without ever going through the normal channels first. They usually don’t mention why, but presumedly they got my email address from this forum (or because I’m DreamHost’s DMCA contact, which is even less related to normal support).

If anyone has more generalized support ‘quality’ related concerns you can still email me directly (I want to hear about them!), but this shouldn’t really be considered a case of “knowing a guy on the inside” for support purposes. Even though it may seem a bit slow at times, our normal support channels are there for a reason.

Also, FYI, I’m not a Honcho. Those who are are even more busy than I am, usually, and are probably even less likely to handle your support request in a timely manner. They’ll probably reroute your request to the main queue as well.

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