Website down, up, down again for the whole day continues to fail on an on/off base all day long. It hasn’t been very stable during the past week but DH support was able to keep the site running by restarting the web service twice then, but today it went almost completely belly up.

I’ve emailed support 9 hours ago, but they haven’t replied yet. Any hints on how to get help on this?


So sorry, no official problems today.

Good you contact other sites on same server. Ask them report problem, then DreamHost fix, may be.

Google say some problems with slice server last 3 month.

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we don’t have any problems with our websites. Can you upload the error message? and where is your region?

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some of my sites are up down because some kind of permission issue, PHP script can’t write the cache file into the folder even have 777 permission, it’s so weired… report twice already, no response yet.

The sites are up again. Thanks to everybody who tried to offer advice.

According to DH support, another user at this particular server saturated the http service by offering a huge file for download leading to excessive timeouts on my sites.

Again: Very instable delivery of pages during the whole day, with timeouts and sluggish performance, intermitted by periods of normal bahaviour for an hour or two. FTP works fine, http is acting weird.

Still talking about If so, it took just over 30 seconds to load the front page for me…bad! :frowning: