Website down till 5 days

my site is still down …I got an email saying to change : “/home/.SOMETHING/username” in a config file. Instead, it should
just be “/home/username”.
I don’t know where to find a file like that ? Do I really have to do something or will this get solved by itself ?

sxi answered me that :

@Vincent: The .SOMETHING refers to a mount point. If you need to edit a config file it will be in your domain and called something like config.php or wp-config.php, etc. The easiest way to edit the file (if necessary) is via http://FTP.

he then said : ^ [ftp] (WP added http automagically).

How can I access this file, is it what I have to do to get my website working again ?

Hi Vincent, welcome to the discussion board :wink:

What I was trying to say in the blog is that you can edit any config files that might need editing using FTP.
Unfortunately the blog software added ‘http://’ onto it, making it look like I was posting you a link.

You can use WebFTP from within Panel to edit files if you don’t have an FTP client.

You can get info about FTP from the Wiki:

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oh right thanks sxi.

I know how to use FTP thanks, but I can’t find this config file you were talking about.

I got the impression DH Support told you about it mate.

[quote]I got an email saying to change : “/home/.SOMETHING/username” in a config file. Instead, it should
just be “/home/username”.[/quote]
What script are you running on your site?

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The DH team told me about it … what is it ? They sent me an email saying there sorry and where they gave the indication I just mentionned. Maybe they sent an email to my client.

I don’t know about any config files on my server. I know I have a php.ini and php.cgi. How do I know what type of config files I have ?


The config file will be for whatever script you’re running.

eg. WordPress, Joomla!, Drupal, phpBB, etc.

What site software (script) are you using?

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I use php for the pages the website.

If its valuable information, I also have a directory of moodle that I don’t use and that is not inside the folder of the domain.

If you aren’t using a config file for your site then the problem will likely be in your .htaccess file.

Rename .htaccess via FTP to .htaccess-old and see if your site works.

If it does, we can then figure out if you require a .htaccess at all.

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k thanks I’ve rename the file but now the locales on the web-sites don’t seem to work. French-english traduction


Okay next remove whatever edits you were instructed by the Wiki to make in order for your custom php to function (eg. AddHandler and Action), rename it back to .htaccess, and test again.

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In my .htaccess file I had :

AddHandler php-cgi .php
Action php-cgi /cgi-bin/php.cgi

Since I don’t remind changing this file before, I deleted everything inside the .htaccess file just to test but the php index is not working as it did still. When I run the site on my localhost I also see the difference. I guess the default php configuration is not the same as my custom one. Am I right ? And if so, I do I link the site to the previous php configuration again ?


That would depend on the edits you made.

It really helps if you give as much information about the site at the start. Like what is the reason you tried a custom php anyway? Was it so you could install php4, or to allow fopen, or to load ionCube, or so you could raise the upload filesize, or for FFmpeg?

Tell us that and we can probably fix it with one simple post.

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Hello sXi

ok first the website is
replace @ with ‘e’. I don’t want bots to index this.

What is not working correctly with my website on the dreamhost server is the traduction feature that consists of translating from French to English.

This feature uses gettext. I use PoEdit to edit the translations.
I think this part of my index.php code might help :
// define constants
define(‘PROJECT_DIR’, realpath(’./’));
define(‘LOCALE_DIR’, PROJECT_DIR .’/locale’);
define(‘DEFAULT_LOCALE’, ‘fr_CA’);
define(‘CHARSET’, ‘UTF-8’);

Im sorry I don’t know exactly what’s wrong. I know it worked before dreamhost moved my files and that the traduction feature working on my localhost, I use wamp version 2.0.

Also will I be able to custom my php.ini file sometime again ?

Thanks, hope this helps you help me :slight_smile: Tell me what’s missing from my bug description.

DreamHost supports gettext by default.

I’m not familiar with PoEdit but it’s apparent from your description of the AddHandler statement in your .htaccess file that you’ve previously tried to customise your PHP in some manner for some reason.

If you need to edit your php.ini you can try the PHP.INI installer

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Hum I haven’t reinstalled php.ini but I’ve noticed two days earlier that the language feature of my site is now working without me having done anything.

So its solved thanks sXi for your support.