Website down, Primary account holder unreachable: what to do?



I’m a forum admin at , hosted on “” and we have a problem. The forum went down two days ago, and the owner of the hosting account (Eric Sheppard) has pretty much disappeared from the internet a month ago. And he’s neither replying to his mail or on instant messagers.
As a consequence, we couldn’t contact him when we needed to change the FTP passwords a few weeks ago, after the last login reset. And now, our forum is down entirely, without any means of contacting the owner.

I know the DreamHost staff can’t give us the FTP access to the database, or even access to his DH account. However, we see no way out of this issue, so I’d like to know about any ideas that could get us out of this mess.
Is there anything we can do or ask?

Like, a way to send a sort of “can you check what is wrong (and possibly fix it) on this website?” as a third party?
I don’t really know, just throwing some ideas in here…



Keep in mind that at Dreamhost they are also people and in my experience very nice and helpfull.
You can start with asking Dreamhost to send him an email or forward your email text with an urgent statement to reply since the forum is down. They can also check if you are indeed the admin, which could give you some leverage to take over the forum on an other account (in time), if he never responds to Dreamhosts email(s).


I can’t go into details for privacy reasons, but the site owner does currently have a support ticket open regarding that domain.


Oh? I’m not sure I understand what you mean there…
Does that mean he’s asked for support on the issue?




Ah, that’s excellent news, then. I’ll pass on the info to my co-admins and wait for our owner’s feedback.
Thank you very much for your assistance.