Website down - no database connection


I have contacted support several times already this morning because our website ( has no database connection due to migration of server on your end. I have tried to follow the instructions provided for IP/DNS, but these are not friendly to non-tech people. Can someone please call me directly or at least provide a number that I can call to walk me through this, or fix it on your end? Quite an inconvenience.

Thank you,

Annie Place
EGBOK Mission

Hi Annie,

I saw the DNS for that domain was managed elsewhere, and the A records just need to be updated to match the current ones on our side. You can click “DNS” under your domain on the Manage Domains page to see the current A records there, and use them to update where your DNS is managed. You could also manage your DNS with us by pointing your nameservers to ours! :slight_smile: I’ve sent an email detailing what needs to be done, please reply there with any questions

I’d recommend altering the DNS over at your registrar to point at the DreamHost nameservers in order to help avoid any future frustration of this nature.

I 2nd this recommendation and if you need any help with changing those settings please hit up or Support Dream Team here

Matt C