Website DOWN Cant Speak with Anyone!

Our website is down and the person who is a dreamhost reseller is nowhere to be found.

I sent an email to dreamhost this Sat and have not heard back??

What can we do??

This domain appears to be currently set as parked, and is functioning correctly as a parked domain. If this is not what you expected, you can request that we contact the account holder on your behalf, but we cannot change the domain settings without the account holder’s involvement.

You need to use the Contact Form to contact support. Emails addresses not registered with support don’t get thru. Depending on how that account was set up, they may not be able to do anything for you… just a warning.

The good news is that it appears you own your domain name, and that the registrar is NOT dreamhost. If that’s the case I believe dreamhost has a procedure, do you or someone at your company have the credentials to the account?

Why is the domain set as parked?

Please contact the account holder Connie at the company email

there was a website there with a lot of data and work??

Why is it showing parked??

Look we have a problem here… there was a website up on this server with a lot of work and data?

Where is it?

I dont care what has to be done… there was a website here with a lot of work and data we need it up ASAP! or we need access to it the company owner connie has asked me to try and help her with this…

The website is most likely parked because the account owner has changed it from a fully hosted domain to parked. We cannot speculate as to why they would have made this change; you will need to contact them.

The owner of the company cannot get in contact with the reseller or the person who was managing the account…

Please phone her she has also expressed to me she has sent numerous emails to dreamhost… this is ridiculous… please give her a call she is the owner of the company Connie 305-205-3549 or the office at 305-392-9494

She is praying the site has not been DELETED :frowning: omg

You’re not really getting it. This is not a dreamhost problem. Nor will dreamhost call people that left there number in the forum. In fact, Andrew gave you more information already than is typical.

You need to work out what happened between your company and the web developer. It sounds like he/she still has the account in good standing with dreamhost. Maybe what happened was just a mistake. Maybe they did it on purpose because your company hasn’t returned their phone calls. Bottom line, they are the company or person that needs to fix the issue.

Bottom line is the most dreamhost can do for you is to assist in attempting to contact the developer.