Website DOWN Almost ALL DAY and I can't get a response from support!


I’ve never been so irate at a hosting company in my entire life. I guess the guys at dreamhost just don’t care anymore. I thought I would give them a shot but I guess I made a big mistake. My website has been down all day and I can’t get a single flipping word out of customer support after emailing them 3 times. It was also down for a considerable length of time on April 9th. I have two other domains which are hosted at Bluehost and WiredTree and I’ve never had to deal with this crap. Its bad enough that my site has been completely disabled all day… but whats worse is that the the folks at DH could care less. Well I’m about to take my 10 bucks a month somewhere else. This is completely ridiculous. Is anybody else experiencing problems?


let me guess the reply you’ll get after your site is back up:

Something like that, right?


Yep exactly! As soon as my site came back online, I got an email saying pretty much what you just said verbatim!


And check if problems arise to get a handle on what might be going on.


Seems to be becoming a common response from posters recently :frowning:

Bluehost? Mate, I’d rather chew on broken glass. Someone mentioned WiredTree somewhere the other day. What are they like in terms of server accessibility? Got shell by default, etc. ?