Website down - 503 error

So my Wordpress dream press website is completely inaccessible, and you get the following error when you try to access it:

Error 503 Service Unavailable
Service Unavailable
Guru Meditation:
XID: 2023754244
Varnish cache server

I can’t get into the admin page, but the site files are accessible by FTP. I put in a support ticket over two hours ago, but no response. I’m stumped. I’ve solved some fairly complex issues in the past, but I know NOTHING about Varnish and searching documentation, the only stuff I found on the subject was so beyond my knowledge it wasn’t funny.

This is a site that has been up and running a couple of years. A new version of Wordpress was pushed yesterday, but I actually accessed the site after that, and everything seemed fine.

You can try manually purging the cache via SSH. It is of course a problem, and support should handle it promptly, but that is something you might be able to do. :slight_smile:

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