Website down - 2nd time today. What can I do?

Has any one got any suggestions of what I can do? My website Dreamhost has gone down for the second time today and I’ve got a really large launch going on. After chatting to support the first time they reset something on the back end as they had been experiencing a big crash, but now they have left and I can;t talk to them and the website is down again.

Any ideas, from recreating a copy of my website else where are all welcome. I can’t make a copy of a website that is down…

All the best, Tim

The first step to take is to confirm if the site is actually down in all locations, and not just your local computer. There are a couple ways to do this.

Is it down for everyone, or just me? checks if your site is online from a number of locations. It then lets you know if the site is down everywhere, or if only your computer is unable to view it.

If only your computer is unable to view it and you’ve recently updated your DNS, check this site to see if the new DNS has updated in your location:

Global DNS Propagation Checker

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