Website doesn't work after files upload

Hi guys,
I know this type of question have been asked here before so many times, but I went through the previous discussions and couldn’t resolve my issue, so here I am!

This is the first time ever I’m trying to upload a website on a server. I had my html file and other required files uploaded through WebFTP (following pics):

But the website is not showing:

Also, here are some of my settings on dreamhost panel:

I am wondering what could possibly be wrong. Any guidance why the website is not showing is really appreciated.

It looks as though you’ve uploaded your files to the wrong directory. If you’ve logged into the correct user, there should be a directory with the same name as your web site; the files for your site need to go into that directory.

Thanks for the response Andrew, I’m logging with the same username that I see under Users-> Manage Users section, so I guess I might be logging in with the correct username, but I was messing around a lot in the ftp folders today and I might have deleted the folder you are talking about, if I create a folder called " manually and upload my files into it, then are there any chances that it could solve this problem?
Hi Andrew, you were right, I manually created a folder and uploaded my files into it and now it’s working. I guess now I better understand what “Web directory:” means on manage domains section of dreamhost :), thanks a lot man,