Website directory issue

Hello, So I know how to get all of my files on to the server but I think I’m a little messed up when it comes to the directory. So the One I’ve uploaded my index.html to is "root /home /username / " am I supposed to make the “username” folder the name of my actual username? I also tried to upload it to the directory that already existed which is
"root / " with no avail. If someone could please point me in the right direction or help me out a bit I would be very much appreciative. Thanks in advance!

  • Laxxx8

When you add hosting to your domain via manage domains in the panel the dreamhost installer robot should drop the folder onto the /username/ folder (the username folder would have be automatically created when you created the user). You are correct username in the examples means it should be yur actual username and not the word username.

the the installer robot drops will have zero byte favicons that you can replace with your own if you have favicons. It will also have a dreamhost default index.html that you can delete.

Thanks for your response, but I’m a little confused as to what the dreamhost installer robot is? As I’m not using wordpress I didn’t think I needed this? thanks.

if you add hosting to a domain, you will get an email automatically from the installer robot after the hosting is actually added to the server by the robot. the act of adding the domain in the panel activates the robot to do its work.

I’m not sure I understand. I don’t want to use any robot. My website is fully hosted by dreamhost. I added all of my files to my directory /home/myusernamehere/ via ftp I have my index.html in there as well. I am trying to get this to publish so when I view my website the index.html is the homepage but this isn’t working.

You not understanding. To get the created you must add hosting to the domain through the dreamhost panel. You can not just manually create that folder and have it picked up and hosted. When the folder is created it will have a default index.html delete it and upload your files.

The only thing you are installing via the panel is hosting. When that is done the correct is created for you. Use that folder, not one you created on your own.

Okay, sorry for my lack of knowledge. but i’m looking on the panel and i see my website and I see Fully Hosted 2 years+ left. / User: (Myusername) Don’t I already have it hosted? if not where in my panel do I need to go? I don’t see anything about hosting. Thanks LakeRat I owe you.

yup, when you added that it should have created a directory for the user listed for that domain (in the web hosting column) that user will have a directory called /home/username/ (username meaning YOUR username) and attached to that directory there should be a and that is the folder that YOUR index.html should be ftp’d to.

Repeat, the dreamhost robot will create the directgory and you use the folder that was created for you. You can not just drop a directory where you want it and have it work.