Website design relative to speed of access

I have had a website that I was happy with in terms of speed of access. It is However, I have been (and am in the process) of redesign and because I was going to use sothink dhtml menus, I decided to change from a design that used sub-domains to a very large extent to one big domain (and also because I was told that the larger domain would get a higher google rating). But now that I have changed several of the sub-domains to pages within the main domain, I see that it will be much slower. So now I’m rethinking the change to a larger domain from the sub-domains.

What does the collective wisdom think? Is there a better compromise??


Can you clarify how you determined that your site was slower after moving files from a subdomain folder to the main domain folder?

On the design side, I’d rethink the use of dhtml menus. If you’re planning on a complete site redesign I’d suggest it would be wiser to recode to something clean such as strict HTML, XHTML, CSS, etc. so that you can be sure your site will function as expected cross-platform/browsers.

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Thanks very much for responding. It was a very subjective test of how long it took to load on my system.

Are you saying that sothink’s dhtml menu’s are not compatible with some browsers??? I would definitely like to know if that is going to be a problem.


Regarding the menu, I want a drop-down horizontal tab that takes up minimal room and that offers multiple levels so that the choice can be determined with minimal clicks. Basically, my site is an online paper. The big papers all do that.


I believe SoThink’s code validates as strict XHTML. I was only suggesting if a site is going through a recode that alternate systems would be a good choice. As your menu system sounds like it would be quite large, and may grow in the future, then dhtml menus are definitely a good choice. I apologise if I gave the impression they aren’t up to scratch, it’s just that most sites I’ve seen implementing them actually use them for the eye candy rather than for functionality and actually clutter the overall design.

In your case, however, the choice is made for functionality :wink:

I’m still curious as to why moving file pointers would have any effect whatsoever on site speeds. If it is the case that moving a file from a subdomain to a main domain has a detrimental effect on speed then this might suggest that perhaps connections/limits are applied on a [sub]domain level as opposed to a per-account level.

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