Website contact form not working

Your online contact forms are really flakey. I have typed he same message three times today. and still can’t submit it. It was the capcha which was broken but now the submit button is doing nothing. I reckon if you have no puiblic phone number and not public email address, you need to be 100% sure that your webform is working all the time: especially if it’s the way that customers who can’t log into their control panel HAVE to contact you (as in my case).

Hi Mark_Salisbury

Thank you for contacting us for help!

I was able to test the contact page and it is working on our end. If you are not able to login to the panel please use this link select the “i can’t login” or “other” options from the drop down, include an email you have access to and our verification team will assist further, thanks!

Matt C

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