Website builder?

Does Dreamhost have a website builder that comes with the hosting packages at all? and if so, is there a demo of it?

Thanks for your response.

No ‘Website Builder’ as such, although you could install Joomla a content management system from the Goodies>one click section.

You can read about Joomla at

What is Joomla?


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If you have no experience building websites, I recommend you do one of the following, listed in order of importance:

  1. Hire a website designer
  2. Learn HTML for yourself - it’s much easier than you might think
  3. Get a WYSIWYG editor, such as Nvu
  4. Get an off-the-shelf content management system

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Have you considered other website builders? Like Weebly, Sitey, Wix? My personal favorite is Wix, it’s super easy to use and has awesome templates. You can try a free version and then buy an upgraded package if you like it. And you don’t have to hire anyone or know HTML. Just in case, here’s some info on Wix and some other popular web builders Website Builders. Hope it helps, and good luck to you!

DreamHost does indeed have a website builder. It is called remixer and can be found in the control panel here:

There is documentation and getting started guides available in the help center as well: