Website builder compatible


Hi hope somebody can help me out with this

I am building my site using Themes Generator and I was wondering if there is any incompatibility to host with you guys. I mean, I see on your site that you also have a website builder, so I’m not sure if I must use yours or I can design my site using any page builder.

Anyway, if there is demo where I can try your builder, it would be great too.



The Themes Generator you linked to is for WordPress. DreamHost’s website builder, Remixer, does not use WordPress, so the two aren’t compatible.

To use the Themes Generator, you would need to install Wordpress on your DH site. DreamHost does offer a one-click WP installer, and also offer managed WordPress hosting, called DreamPress. The Themes Generator should be compatible with both of those options, although YMMV.


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