Website Backups

I was wondering, does Dreamhost provide website backups? I know you do mysql backups, but how about websites? -And I mean, full website, but just the website?

Since I did an upgrade to my joomla and it crashed. I’d like to restore it to how it was before the backup…

I have no idea what you mean by the “full website” /“just the website”…

At any rate, “Yes,” Dreamhost provides several versions of backups.

  1. If you “upgraded” your joomla from the “one-click” of the control panel, the email you received announcing it’s success included directions to the “backup” directory, and how to “revert” (you delete the “upgraded” direcory, and rename the “.old” directory)

  2. Dreamhost also provides “.snapshot” directories, holding the files from your directories at ivarious ntervals of time. Here is the wiki article that explains the DH “.snapshot” directories and their use.


Remember: locally or remote server backup are the best.

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