Website and emails not working

hello, my website is down, and I can’t access any of my emails hosted on dreamhost. I suspect that maybe the automatic payment renewal was using an expired card? but now I can’t even access the panel, because it needs to authenticate my IP and I can’t receive the email to confirm the authentication as my emails are not working, is there any solution to that? if the problem is that I have to enter another card’s details to pay it’s no problem, but I can’t even access the panel to do that!! I wrote to support but no answer…

How did you write into support? if you emailed, that won’t work.

You must use the contact form here:

Be aware that if the reader of the contact form thinks you are not the correct person, they won’t answer the contact form either. This can be tricky because you are asking them to email you at a different address than is on your account.

The moral of the story: when you get your account back up and running, maintain a non-dreamhost free email such as gmail/yahoo on your account specifically so that you can identify yourself to support when your account status is in limbo. After you login to the panel, click “edit profile” in the top right hand corner of the page and add the non-dreamhost email address there.

yes that’s how I contacted them and they answered now and asked for some verification details which I provided, that’s actually a good tip, I will register with a gmail account , as now I can’t access the panel, hopefully it will all get resolved, thank you!!