Website and data base gone from Dreamhost

Dreamhost has hosted our home owner association website and database for years. Suddenly it has disappeared and I have contacted dreamhost by phone and support messages but do not receive any help. The support messages seem to go into the ether.

Our website was Can someone please restore the site as soon as possible? Thank you

William Micka - HOA board member

It looks as though your domain name has expired. Since it was not registered with DreamHost, we cannot renew it ourselves; you will need to contact the company that you registered it with to renew it.

You’re not getting responses to support emails because the primary email address on your account was under the domain that expired. We strongly recommend that you change the contact email address on your account to a separate address:

If you need help with what to do next, go to and type the domain name in the search box. I checked it but it doesn’t make the results page linkable, but I think you will find the names you need there. Ignore the top part of the page and scroll down to the text results.

Thanks, I sent an email to as it appears they are the ones handling our domain. Hope it is answered promptly.


Thanks, problem is I cannot login to the panel to change the email address since our domain is not found.

Could you please register it with Dreamhost ? I called compu-wise who is the outfit our site was hosted with before moving it to dreamhost and the lady said she deleted recently since we no longer use them. The registration should have been moved when we started using Dreamhost.

Thanks, Bill