WebShaper e-catalogue

Is it possible to add this to one-click installs? OR maybe another software like it? I have seen way too many people on various sites asking for a software simular to e-commerce but with no pricing or cart.

From the product’s literature:

“Note: Unfortunately, webShaper is not currently compatible with UNIX/Linux, even running under ASP emulation software, such as SUN’s Java System Active Server Pages 4.0 (previously Chilisoft). webShaper is designed and tested on window server and IIS only”

It’s not gonna run at all on DreamHost’s current Debian Linux servers running Apache; and I doubt they are very interested in a $299.00 per copy “one-click” install. :wink:


Well, DO you know of any products that do what this does that will run on dreamhost? I been searching the web for e-catalogue php software for weeks…

I’ve never looked for such a thing, actually. It seems (from its website) that it is just an e-commerce program with the shopping cart functionality stripped out but, not having seen it in action, that is only a educated guess about “what is does” based on their claims.

I’ll admit I’m a little (a lot) dubious of all their SEO related claims, which is one of the things they seem to claim it does that others don’t), but - meh, who knows?

You could actually use a Joomla! installation very well for an e-catalog, or even a ZenCart (just don’t enable the shipping/payment options.)

Maybe someone else has some suggestions for you. :slight_smile:


You can install Joomla and have virtuemart as Joomla’s components/plugins for cataloging your products.

Of course if you don’t get use to Joomla it is quite difficult for the first time. But I think it pays off as Joomla is one of top CMS right now in the market. And it runs best in Linux/Apache environment :wink:

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