I am trying to determine if a particular software will run on dreamhost…the seller said it will run on either linux or IIS webserver (windows based). does that mean it will work at dreamhost?

thank you!!

There is not nearly enough information in your post for us to give you an “authoritative” answer to that question.

Dreamhost uses linux servers (Debian), but whether or not a script “will work” has as much to do with the language/version it is written in, assumptions the programmer made about the environment, individual server settings, security consideration for shared hosting, Dreamhost policies (no “persistent processes”),and a host of other things than it does “what server is it running on”. The devil is in the details.

Having said that, most scripts designed to run on an Apache server under linux can be made to work in the Dreamhost environment (actually, I suppose all scripts can be made to work, depending on how much editing/re- programming you may have to do). A good example of this might be a script that heavily depends upon the use of fopen will need to be re-coded (See fix here) to “work” on Dreamhost.

If you provide additional information (What is the script? Url to Distro page? Documentation lilnk, etc.), we can do a better job of helping you determine if it will run here.

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This is the software I am interested :

Does this help at all…it probably doesn’t tell you anymore info than I did.

From what little information is provided there, it would appear that you can use that software package in association with a dreamhost account.

However, I would stear clear of that all togeather. Not because it has an extremly cheesy front cover, and not because there’s no clear return policy, but because you can so easy accomplish everything that he advertizes and much more for free with your dreamhost account. (that and it’s reminiscent of Micro$oft Front page which is an horrible abomination to the web world)

Dreamhost provides a one click install of ‘Zen cart’ which is a shopping cart / store manager software. Using a ‘paypal gateway’ is pretty standard method of doing things which you can easly set up with zen cart, but it also provides more optins that just using paypal if you want or need to. There’s a pretty good templating system with zen cart and with a little study you can make or adapt the layouts you want. I’m sure there’s plenty of pre-made ones as well. It may require a little investement of time on your part, but in the end you’ll be way better off. Knowing how to do things for your self will gave you so many more possibilites. And it’s all free. :slight_smile:

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hey, sounds like great advice. thank you so much, i am going to study up on the zen cart.

thanks for your time.

As Matttail says, it is probably a good idea to save your cash and stay away from that eBay auction (and others like it).

In my experience, many such auctions on eBay are simply selling the exact same freeware/shareware packages that you can find for free (or a small shareware fee) elsewhere.


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I think both Mattail and Rax2133 have given you very good advice, but I have a couple of additional points to make. Giving the ebay page a good “look-see”, and with the help of google, it appears that the product you are evaluating is “Shop Creator 4.0” by etoshop.com.

The more I look into it, the more I’m suspecting that a “dissatisfied user” is trying to “unload” his/her copy, or that the publisher is trying to “dump” their “dog” to unsuspecting ebayers.

A careful review of the information about their program on their site has a few indicators that I would take as cautions:

  1. The product is an “offline” website creation tool that, even though in one place they claim “runs on linux or windows”, is clearly a windows application. There is also contradictory information regarding the webserver requirement right on the site.

  2. Checking the faqs regarding the program reveals only explanations of windows runtime errors. Note that under “Support” on their website they state:
    "System Requirements:
    Windows 95/NT/98 to run the creator program
    3MB space or more
    RUN IN PC: Personal Web Server to test run the store from your computer

RUN IN WEBSITE: Windows NT Server hosting website with Access database and ASP enabled
3MB web space or more"

AND while the site has the text “Online Manuals”, there are no manuals actually lined from the site, and there does not appear to be any kind of a support community or forum.

  1. The Demo offered is an .ASP application that will not run on Dreamhost, or other linux server that is not running some .ASP environment emulator/converter (such as the one by Chilisoft).

  2. There is no clear picture of what the product will produce - it appears that, at best, you will get some “pre-generated” .html or .asp?) pages to upload to your “webspace” and the use of an “SSl form” to submit payment to PayPal.

  3. Actually, there are a lot of other indicators that you probably would be better off with a different solution. Even it it was “free” (which according to the price it ended at on ebay, it pretty much was!), I wouldn’t invest the time trying to get it to work on Dreamhost (it probably won’t) or trying to build a ecommerce site" that way, given the “free” high-quality alternatives.

There are numerous “free as in free beer” open-source alternatives, with more features and more standardized technology. Dreamhost’s own “one-click” install of Zen Cart would be a far better option, and you might want to look at virtuemart, which is a high-powered and easy-to-use component for Joomla, another one of Dreamhost’s “one-click” installs.

I’ll guarantee you that you will not save any time or learning curve with the product you are evaluating. My advice is to save your money, and (more importantly) your sanity, by trying one of the mentioned “open” solutions before spending anything at all for something as poorly described and primative looking as “Shop Creator 4.0”.

You are also much more likely to find useful help, both here and in the open source community, for the programs I and the others have described than you are likely to get from “etoshop”.


thank you for all the great input. i am looking forward to this learning curve and as you may have assessed, it will be a bit more than a curve, so i hope i my jello brain is up to the task.

what is encouraging is knowing that this forum is likely to get me through it (and, i will try to ask “good” questions).


Fortunately, jello solidifies over time :wink: Asking good questions is one of the best ways to getting off on the right track. Research as much as you can and then ask thought-out questions and you will continue to receive very helpful replies such as those above. Best of luck!

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