Webserver issue, urgent!

When I host my domain “www.czonemusic.com”, I am getting this error:

“Sorry, but we are having an issue with our webserver right now. We are working to get this issue resolved as quickly as possible. Please come back within the next day or two.”

Anyone seen this before?

Could be wrong… but that doesn’t look like a Dreamhost generated message. It appears to be the contents of your index.html file, which would means the site is running fine.

Are you sure someone didn’t just put that in your index file?

Site seems okay according to dnsreport.com.

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It looks like a normal html file. I’ll suggest to check index files. Maybe you have index.html and index.php files. Remove the unecessary files may solve the problem.

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I’m taking educated guesses here, but I could be wrong as I am not a website developer. So, please take my suggestions lightly.

After checking your google cached version of your website I saw two things.

1] Your old links were in the format of:

The “?p=” would have me believe that your web page was built to be dynamic utilizing PHP. Perhaps your website was created to be operated with PHP and MySQL.

Perhaps since you have just hosted your web page with dreamhost you overlooked having to setup a database?

2] The second thing that I did notice was that your web page was at one point in time created by a company called, “chrysb development”.

They confirmed my suspicion that they utilized PHP and MySQL to develop your website.

"C-Zone Music

Up and Running
PHP, MySQL, Photoshop, HTML"

as referenced on

If you had a recent & positive relationship with chrysb development I would take a chance and ask them for a quick explanation on how to get your web page to operate properly with another web hosting company.

Seeing as how they utilize you as an example company which they created web page design services for - I would assume that they would be eager to get your web page working since on their website when you click on your company through their portfolio the link obviously does not work.

Like someone else mentioned it may have something to do with .php pages, etc.

If you still happen to have your web page files on another company’s web hosting servers check out the organization of the files. What files are in what directory, etc. Check to see if something was placed in the wrong directory.

Hope this helps you out. :slight_smile:
Good luck and please let us know if you figured out the problem.


Thank you for the responses. I am chrysb. I created the website. After doing some more investigating, I have found something strange.

Originally, czonemusic.com resolved to I changed the Nameservers to:


I was expecting it to resolve to like the rest of the sites I have hosted on my dreamhost account. Instead, now it resolves to

I’m considering calling Godaddy, because I have no idea why there is this intermediary IP.

Actually, I just found that the 208 IP resolves to a Dreamhost server. I’ve e-mailed support again to find out why I am receiving this error.

Every one of our domains or subdomains could potentially assigned to a different IP address. In practice, I only have 6 IPs for 14 different sites.

Free unique IP and $67 off with promo code [color=#CC0000]FLENSFREEIP67[/color] or use [color=#CC0000]FLENS97[/color] for $97 off. Click here for more options is your apache/webserver. is the server your content is hosted from I would assume (bixel is what it comes up as) - thus what you’d login to for ftp or shell access, but not http access.

If you login to the control panel, you’d see the differences between these IP’s under the 'Domains - Manage Domains - “DNS” ’ control option (displayed under your domain name).

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I notice that the website is now working. :slight_smile:
Congrats on that.

If you happen to know and wouldn’t mind sharing - what was the fix that got the website up and running?

Thanks for your consideration,

P.S. my apologies for assuming that you weren’t chrysb. When you said that it was your website I assumed that you were the company that owned the website. :slight_smile:

I think you only need to wait a while for DNS to finish propagating in the Internet.

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Yes, that would do it - needing to wait for DNS to propagate.
Glad that it was a simple solution for you.

Thank you for responding. :slight_smile: