Webpress Install


In the Wordpress ‘One Click’ install, the pull down menu does not show the domain that I want to install into. We have two domains - garrett.moulton.org - which we have been using for quite a while - and a new domain charlesmoulton.com which we registered several weeks ago.
Last Friday, I made sure that the new domain charlesmoulton.com was ‘Fully Hosted’.

I’m using Firefox as a web browser.

Am I missing something?



The only reason I know of that the domain will not show up is that you have not created it yet,
but since you say you made sure it is Fully Hosted, it is strange.
If you go to domain > mange domains is it in the list?
If yes, I suggest you delete it and create it again (supposing it is empty) and try again.
If that does not work contact support.


Thanks! Will give it a whirl!