Webpanel not working

Hi! I am having issues with some of my sites timing out but I cannot submit a support ticket as the webpanel is horribly broken. Is there any other way of submitting a support ticket as this is frustrating. Webpanel loads text only, missing all images, takes ages to load and very few of the links actually link to another page, either they time out or load missing a variety of information again. Support ticket does not work. I cannot get past the submit button.

Help! :frowning:

The panel is working fine for me.

Have you tried using the form here?

Been having the same issues myself for the past 12 hours, I could access only some of my sites, I could not connect via SSH or FTP, could not access webpanel or discussion forums.

My co-publisher in Canada (I’m in UK) was/is having no problems so I thought perhaps it was some kind of IP ban.

Forced a new IP from my ISP and I can now access sites I couldn’t before, but can’t access ones I could. I can connect via SSH and FTP, but I still can’t access the web panel.

Sending e.mail to support gets bounced as the subject line doesn’t contain a ticket number. Had co-publisher raise a ticket but as yet no reply.

All in all, very bizarre and very frustrating.