Webpanel DOWN, sites DOWN, status DOWN, no posts

webpanel DOWN, sites DOWN, status DOWN, no posts for like 4 hours in the forums!!! What the farg is going on in DH land? Everything has gone haywire --------- anybody know what is going on?


Don’t worry, just a secondary name server problem - low serverity dontchaknow!

cough, cough

I thought the whole idea of having the status page on a different server - completely separate - was to be able to still inform customers if there is a problem with DH servers. Maybe the fires in SoCal are causing problems? But still, that status page was supposed to still be able to inform us regardless. BTW, the Control Panel is all out of whack - I can sign in, but it’s formatted strangely and can’t be used.

Well my site is still up, webftp is still up, databses are running. it’s just the webpanel

isnt it always low severity? :stuck_out_tongue: