Webpage not available


No power user here; figure my way around but this one has me stumped. I have a domain registered with google domains and am setting up web hosting with dreamhost. I set up A, www, mysql, ftp and ssh with google domains, using what I found at the dns panel under Non-editable DreamHost DNS records. Now, my domain comes up as webpage not available. The phpmyadmin also says “This webpage is not available”.

I am using google dns nameservers.


Not sure what’s wrong, your method sounds correct. What TTL on those entries? i.e. Did you wait long enough?

What’s the domain? A single A record is actually all you need to get hosting pointed, maybe 2 if you want the www sub also.

Also unless there is a reason for keeping Google as the domains nameservers you’re far better off to use the method where you change nameservers to dreamhost. It doesn’t happen very often but sometimes dreamhost does have to change an IP address, that will break your site until you figure out what happened and make a manual update, on the other hand if dreamhost manages your DNS the updates happen automatically.

I changed the nameservers as you suggested and gave it enough time. I really didn’t have a reason to keep google - just thought it would make the site faster but maybe not. It now works. Thanks.

That’s the best solution. It won’t effect site speed, your users may or may not be using google or dreamhost to lookup the entries, you have no control over whose DNS your users use.

Glad you got it working.