I’m trying to create email addresses for four domains that I created yesterday. Wordpress was installed and the sites are up however I can’t create email addresses for the domains since the domain names for the following domains do not appear in the dropdown menu when you are creating email addresses.

When I chose the 1 click install for Wordpress one of the options was to install gmail. How can I set up different names for that gmail account using Dreamhost. Will that avoid the current problems DreamHost is having with the blingy cluster and email?
I was moved to a new server since it was supposed to be a more reliable server. Am I being affected by the blingy cluster problems? According to DH status this problem has been going on for 7 days - that seems like an extremely long time.

What are dream hosts reliability statistics?

All the best,
Ted Sudol


I’ve never seen WordPress offer to install Gmail. I’ve seen it ask for an email address, though, and you can put whatever you like in there.

If you want to use Gmail for your domain, here’s something in the wiki:

Otherwise, you’ll have to create email address for yourdomain.com in the Panel under Mail -> Manage Email

I’m not on blingy, so my uptime is pretty high, except for when my cluster got moved. Some weeks it’s 100%, but it’s usually above 95%, according to Mon.itor.us. The 95% is usually due to a slow response when it queries my website.



Someone else mentioned the offering of Google here, which must have just shown up.

From your description, you’ve enabled Google Mail (Gmail) for your domain, in which case, it’s not managed here, but over at Google. Hopefully you have a Google login that’ll let you administer your email. Their link is at: