Sorry for the double post. Darn newbees! Here goes my question-

When I check using Webmail, (https://webmail.mydomain.com) I just get a blank page. No html coding under “view source”. I created a sub-domain and that works fine (mydomain.dreamhosters.com) and I can see the SM sign-in and can logon using that sub-domain address.

I downloaded a “fresh” email program and configured it according to the email received from DH. All I get is a “Bad Login” notification. My current email program I use for checking email on my current host works fine.

I haven’t changed the DNS yet because I want to make sure all is well before I do the final switch to DH. How do I deal with this conflict with my current host? It has a different login and password. Is there a way to check my mail at the old host and DH so when I make the switch I won’t lose emails?

Thank you!