Webmail with Safari


I have just started to play with PowerBook … I like it :slight_smile:

Sometimes I do not see the folder pane in the Webmail it just shows completely empty. If I go to Webmail Options and change randomly the theme/style sheet to something else and refresh, then I am able to see the folder pane.

It doesn’t matter which stylesheet/theme I am using and which I choose. Sometimes it helps if I logout and login again. First I thought that stylesheet is to blame and I chose the default. Now I have seen that the first login with default stylesheet is also having the same problem - my guess is that this problem does not have any relation to stylesheet/theme. I am running out of ideas - what to test next?

Very weird … any ideas? Webmail works correctly with Firefox.


  • miikka

I noticed the options:DisplayPref panel has a use Javascript:always;never;or autodetect. The default is autodetect, have you changed it? Safari and webmail has always worked for me,but I have only used the default theme, with or without Java and Javascript in Safari, with autodetect option in webmail.

Just a pure guess.

Rick… breathing since 1959

I think I’ve seen this once or twice. I use Safari a lot, but webmail fairly seldom.

That sounds like a good suggestion, though. If it’s not detecting automatically, file a bug with the Squirrelmail developers, or let me know and I’ll do it.