Webmail vioa different url

One of my mailbox users can’t check his mail from work as they block urls containing the word ‘webmail’. Does anybody know of a way to get the webmail running at a different URL (without simply installing squirrelmail myself into another direcotry)?


If all else fails you could make a framed page that loads webmail


The frame would still attempt to load webmail.mydomain though which would be picked up by their blocker, presumably a proxy and a hosts file is what’s doing it.

Have you tried setting up a different sub-domain, making it a mirror of webmail.yourdomain.com? Check https://panel.dreamhost.com/kbase/index.cgi?area=1032&keyword=mirrored for additional info …

I thought of the mirroring to a new subdomain idea too but unfortunately the contol panel only lets you select from a list of domains to mirror, and doesn’t offer the webmail subdomain. :frowning:

I also thought of remapping a subdomain but as far as I can tell the webmail service is actually running on another server so I can’t remap to it either.

[quote]If all else fails you could make a framed page that loads webmail


If all else fails, you may want to ask your user to find another job. [/Joke]

Actually, your user may want to determine whether it’s a company policy to disallow webmail. If so, accessing it via another url still violates that and may land him or her some trouble. If not, your user may want to appeal to some higher authority (than say their technology department where some low-level officials could well be simply making up their very own silly filters).

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If you have access to the custom DNS panel, you can make blah.example.com a CNAME to webmail.dreamhost.com. You can also contact support and have them request this. If you contact support, they can also rename webmail for you.

As Jeff says, though, I’d check and make sure it’s OK to check webmail from the office first.

Thanks Will, seeing as CNAME records are a little over my head I’ll drop support a line and see if they’ll change or add another way in for me. As for whether the user is allowed to access his mail at work, he’s been doing so for years and he’s a big boy now :wink:

Thanks for the help.

Just cut-n-past the record from the webmail entry… that might work… (testing)…

(testing over) Confirmed… But it’s ‘A’ not ‘CNAME’…

Can’t seem to login…

Note: You also have to mimic the records for ‘mail’ (all 5 of them (I’m assuming)) for ‘mail.{whatever.prefix.you.chose}’ Might be more trouble than it’s worth…

I’d suggest making it a CNAME to webmail.dreamhost.com - less likely to change / break.