Webmail: Unable To Get Folder Info. Does It Still Exist?

I have been off and on with building our website so I have not had full use of the email during the time, but for months now, right from the begining, whenever I try to access webmail, I get this message pop up: “Unable to get folder info. Does it still exist?” There are 6 inbox folders and when I click on each one I get that message again.

I have not been able to receive any mail and I have tried to setup mail in a third party client with the settings provided on the site to no avail.

In filters there is an unread button but when I click on it I get the same error and search index being rebuilt.

Anyone have any idea what is going on?


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I’m having almost the same issue. I do currently have my mail forwarded to my Gmail account, which I thought could have been the problem. Besides that I seem to be in the same boat as you. In Googling this problem I found what seemed similar problems in other programs, but nothing for Webmail specifically and this problem was brought up a little bit ago in this forum but there wasn’t an answer. Hopefully this will be resolved soon!

Hello Tbelle,

This error is usually caused by the email client.
If you are having this problem an internal update may be able to help, we will just need you to contact us via your panel here:

Please be sure to include the exact error in the body of your ticket.