Webmail Troubles

Hello All!

When I check using Webmail, (https://webmail.mydomain.com) I just get a blank page. No html coding under “view source”. I created a sub-domain and that works fine (mydomain.dreamhosters.com) and I can see the SM sign-in and can logon using that sub-domain address.

I downloaded a “fresh” email program and configured it according to the email received from DH. All I get is a “Bad Login” notification. My current email program I use for checking email on my current host works fine.

I haven’t changed the DNS yet because I want to make sure all is well before I do the final switch to DH. How do I deal with this conflict with my current host? It has a different login and password. Is there a way to check my mail at the old host and DH so when I make the switch I won’t lose emails?

Thank you!

Are you also having trouble if you don’t try connecting with the secure address? i.e. http://webmail.mydomain.com ?

The secure certificate is actually registered to dreamhost.com, and not your domain. Your browser’s security settings might be configured to not allow this. In this case it’s safe, but that could potentially be a security risk if it were to happen somewhere else.

Thanks for taking the time to respond!

If I use the http://webmail.mydomain.com address it will take me to the index page of my web site, still hosted by my old host. Weird. If i use the sub-domain (using either http/https it will take me the SM login page).

I did try to check using three other browsers. Still a blank page. I’m lost on this one.

If the webmail.mydomain.com address is routing you to your old host, it means that something is screwy with your DNS entries. Unfortunately this probably requires a support ticket, because “webmail” is a reserved subdomain name and you can’t modify it through the web control panel.