Webmail to Gmail

I heard from tech support that I can use Gmail to get my Squirrel Mail. I want to do this because A) I get WAY too much spam on Squirrel Mail. and B) Squirrel Mail is so dang slow.

I checked out the Wiki article here about Google stuff but I got confused. How would I go about accessing my domains (just mine… not the others on my account) email through Google Mail? Faster right? Less spam right? I’d rather do that.

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[color=#00CC00]Panel > Domains > Manage Domains[/color]

  • Click Edit next to the domain in question

  • Check the box next to GMail

  • Click the [color=#0000CC]Change fully hosted settings now![/color] button

On the following page will be links to setup your domain email at Google.

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Or you can set your Gmail to use POP to pull from your account here.

In Gmail: Settings -> Accounts -> Get mail from other accounts.


Cool. Thanks!

Dual 800 G4 / 768mb Ram / GeForce 3