Webmail / Squirrelmail / IMAP issue


Hey folks,

Signed up for dreamhost about 2 days ago and transferred one of my ‘little used’ domains to it to test things about before moving my important domains over. Liking everything right now except webmail.

In fact, I just cant get it to work.

webmail.mydomain.com - I log in with the user account and password … and it logs on… and spits out

ERROR: Connection dropped by IMAP server.

almost immediately. Sometimes it IS immediate. Sometimes I see one of the two panels and the other pane is the imap error. Sometimes I see both panels but I click compose mail and I get the error. I havent been able to use it for more than 45 secs or so before it fails completely.

Webmail domain IP address is - my domains ip address is .

I have set up roundcube email as a seperate webmail (the one I preferred) but it is having issues also… when - very soon after using - it just stops responding and fails. ((Also when composing messages, the “FROM” tag is left blank… I followed the wiki on setting up roundcube. I digress)).

Does anyone know of any current issues like this? If you create a new mail account, are you experiencing this right now?

I am wondering if the problem is systemwide…

I have been dealing with their tech support via email but havent had a reply about this in about 8 hours or so. Its just weird… normally theres a period of time when you first sign up for something that it works perfect =)

That said, this is just about the only thing that I have a problem with currently… if someone can shed an idea? ((Yes, this happens when I log in with the alias, and also when I log in with M########!)).


I have been getting the same problem from time to time, so it may well be a systemwide issue.

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Unfortunately, this is one of the more important parts of the webhost I need.


RoundCube and SquirrelMail are both suffering from this - both using imap. I want to use DreamHost so incredibly badly so I am trying to work around this problem…

Or - is this problem new and just happening right now (and maybe will stop soon?)



Same problem.

So far, I’ve waited 4 hours for an email reply. (36 hours last time.) Anyway, I see the number of open tickets has doubled since I first wrote. Maybe related, maybe not.

The tool on the support page says it isn’t a system-wide problem. However, which do you believe? That tool, or your “lying eyes.”



I went ahead and signed up for hosting with one of their main competitors. They cost a good bit more, of course, but they have a 30 day guarantee…

I really hope this problem just started happening because someone spilled beer on the servers, but the last I spoke to tech support was about 12 hours ago when they kept saying ‘We cannot recreate this problem’ - they have not emailed me back since then.

Sigh. I wanted this to work so badly though. I like subversion.

Anyone reading, is this happening to your webmail? If its systemwide, and just started, I am ok waiting it out… if it has always been like this though =P


I had a domain with IMAP and POP login issues today (and according to some of my users, since yesterday.)

Looks OK now, but no explanation as to what the problem was. Seemed to be either logins weren’t working, or the server was slammed(?)


I’ve been having this on and off as well. My servers are hosting on compton and all of my domains are affected.


I’m having the exact same problem so I logged in here to see why. It just started happening a couple days ago - before that it was fine. This is the only way I can check mail as I have AOL and have tried every support site and every other mail service out there and nothing else works (to send mail) so I really hope this is resolved quickly!!


I am having the same problems with IMAP email (both thru Squirrelmail and Thunderbird). I have been having this problem for the last 3-4 days. I am going to file a support ticket in a few minutes.


Its funny, but everyone having this problem makes me feel much better - it means this is not how things are ‘normally’ ran.

Transferred my domain off dreamhost, but waiting to see if the problem is fixed in a timely manner. As I mentioned, I -really- want to use dreamhost.


[quote]Its funny, but everyone having this problem makes me feel much better - it means this is not how things are ‘normally’ ran.

Transferred my domain off dreamhost, but waiting to see if the problem is fixed in a timely manner. As I mentioned, I -really- want to use dreamhost.[/quote]
This is only the second time I’ve had this particular problem since I signed-up with DreamHost almost 2 years ago. There have, of course, been other email problems; however, my experience has been extremely good thus far.

It’s funny, because some people seem to suffer from a lot of downtime and outage issues, but others (myself included) have barely any difficulty at all. Part of this, presumably, is because many of the problems will be server-specific rather than systemwide; however, I think the kind of customer also makes a difference too - I’ve noticed that the typical “outage victim” is more likely to run third-party applications instead of home-brewed fare. Third-party apps are more likely to be run by people who are not web designers or developers (which is part of the attraction, of course), and so problems like “too much CPU usage” are going to be difficult for such folks to address themselves.

Excuse me for blethering on a bit :slight_smile:

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I agree that it’s probably server-specific, as I’ve been experiencing IMAP/POP problems for the last couple of days on only one of my domains hosted here (a more recently set up one, others have been here since 2002.)


You might want to consider setting up any email addresses hosted here to also forward to an external account (gmail, yahoo, etc.)

I’ve been seeing the spotty imap/pop for a couple days, but forwarding seems to work even during the outages. That way you can at least get incoming email somewhere


I just got a reply from support saying that there is an issue with the load balancer and they are working to resolve it ASAP.


I’ve been seeing this on and off ever since I moved to dreamhost, about a month ago. Like another poster here, I really wanted to move to DH, but am starting to regret moving my email here.

I only have a couple of mail users for my domain, but they are technophobes and are getting a bit panicky when they can’t check/send email.

DH should get this fixed and fixed properly asap, then put out one of those annoying (from the happy but mostly useless mail fixing team) mails.


Same sort o issues here… |i’ma week old customer of DH and very pleased so far. Just this mail issue is a little confusing as I am not sure if its something I have done wrong or a system problem.

Is there a page somewhere that details current outages?

The issue I have had today is that I created a new mail user, used IMAP in thunderbird but no folders other than inbox are coming down. I can quite happily create a sent items/draft folder etc myelf, but when I set up the main accounts earlier in the week this was automated. Also, this new mail user account is totally unable to login to webmail user either the mailbox username or the MXXXXXXX account name.