Webmail settings

My white/black list reached its limit of 1000.

The settings screen to delete some of the whitelist doesn’t fit on the screen and you have to delete them one by one.

Pretty rubbish interface. Any plans to improve this?


I don’t know what software they use for this, but maybe your limit can be increased. Have you submitted a support ticket?


I haven’t but I will do…


The interesting thing about this is that my list is over 1,300 currently. I don’t know if a setting was changed, but this is causing a good bit of trouble for me.

No kidding. My blacklist contains over 5,700 addresses, including some added within the last month, so this has to be a recent change.

(The Panel says SpamAssassin is using SpamHaus, which is what we use at my office, but I can’t figure out why only one or two spam messages sneak through the anti-spam filter at work but nearly 100 manage to do it every day for my Dreamhost account.)