Webmail Secure URL (Warnings are okay)


I have searched the forum. My apologies if this question is redundant.

When logged into DH to access my email accounts, I noticed there is an http option and https option and next to the https option is states that “warnings are okay”.

Do I have to have a SSL for my website in order for the https to work for webmail?

Does the “warnings are okay” mean to ignore the warning that the secure site is untrusted?

I needed to check my mail so did so using http access, and now I am nervous and am wondering if I should change my passwords.

Thanks in advance for your help.


Generally a one time-check of webmail won’t be horrible, but yes, you should use HTTPS whenever possible.

You don’t have to pay for SSL for webmail, and what the ‘Warnings are okay’ means is that instead of using your own SSL, you use our certificate, which is from dreamhost.com. Your browser will throw a warning, because yourdomain.com is not the same as dreamhost.com :slight_smile: That’s all. It’s spooky, but it’s safe in this case.


Thanks so much for your response and your time.


I know that I’m bringing a post up from the grave, but what is the workaround if I have an SSL cert for my site and want to cover the webmail portion as well? I registered the SSL to *.domain.com expecting it to incorporate webmail with it, yet still get the *.dreamhost.com server during login. Is there a workaround or a way to cover this differently?


I don’t think so, Hoppie, but if you open up a ticket, someone more familiar with our webmail setup than I am may have a better idea. From what I recall, even if you go to webmail.yourdomain.com, the IMAP SSL cert is still ours.