WebMail re branding, it all points to Dreamhost

Hello, we´ve been with DH for 26 years.

We like it because it allows us to provide our clients with services at competitive pricing.

They dont really know or care who hosts them. As long as we provide the service.

Today we noticed that webmail is branded for Dreamhost and all logos point back to Dreamhost.

clients are calling, about the pricing, and who is DH?

This is not cool.
Is there a way to rebrand the webbased emails? and remove DH links?

Your only real option is to install your own webmail software…

You’ve been a customer of Dreamhost since 1990? That’s impressive, considering Dreamhost has only been in business since 1997. :smiley:

True my mistake, wrong supplier. But we´ve been since early 2000.
I have been faithful :slight_smile:

We suggested webmail this days to your customers, as this way they email seems “not to fail” so much. because it does not report the errors.

If we install roundcube on a VPS, and DH does not fix the email issues. It will be the same. Wont it?

I guess im just frustrated with the email issues