Webmail problems

I have been unable to access webmail for the email addresses I created for one of the domains I manage. I don’t have any problems with the other domains.

The error I get is that the username is unknown or the password is incorrect. What is curious is SquirrelMail won’t let me access the inbox with the username/password combination, but allows me to change the password with that same combination!

Am I missing something obvious?

– Al

If you just created the mail account, you may need to wait a bit, to let things update through the system. Time may be the answer… Then again, it may not.


I have the same problem… I can’t access to my webmail in squirrelmail… I get this error: Unknown user or password incorrect.

I enter the same data from the admin (http://mailboxes.mydomain.com/), but I can access to my webmail :frowning:


Double check to make sure there’s not a capitalization in the user name or soemthign that your missing - also if these addys have recnetly been setup I’d wait about 2 hours from when you created them and try logging into webmail again. If not, put a ticket into support to see what’s going on.


Same here…

  1. I established a new mailbox at approximately 1800 hours

  2. As of now, approximately 2355 hours, I am unable to log-in to Squirrell Mail (at either the http:// or the htps:// webmail.mydomain.com

  3. All attempts to login generate the error page:
    Unknown user or password incorrect.
    Go to the login page

  4. HOWEVER I AM able to login to mailboxes.mydomain.com with the address and the password I established when I set up the mailbox.

Really embarrassing due to the fact that this is a domain transferred to dreamhost from another provider, and it is imperative that webmail be functioning.

Also frustrating, as great care was put into timing the DNS reassignment, and the movement of the site from the other host, in order for the movement of the site to be “seamless”. This is a new client for me, and I have other significant work that might be affected if I can’t produce a clean site transfer for them!

I’ve been setting up email addresses/accounts for years on dreamhost, and have not had this kind of trouble before.

It’s a little distressing that this thread is as old as it is, and the dreamhost is still “choking on this hairball”.

Email is important, and given the amount of Spam/Viruii around, some of us have taught our clients to rely heavily on webmail.


A little more info -----

It looks like this situation is one of those painfully slow dreamhost panel functions…I gave up screwing with it at 0300 hours, and went to bed. Got up at 0930, checked the support que (poor bastards - over 300 “pending” when I filed my ticket, 10 hours later, over 470 “pending”), no response, went to the webmail.mydomain.com and sucessfully logged in. I “killed” my support ticket; I didn’t want to add insult to injury by forcing some overburdened dreamhost tech to have to answer me with an “well, it’s working now” kinda thing with that mnay pending support tickets.

I’d be curious to hear what support had to say about why it took so freakin’ long…but not curious enough to leave a support ticket in the system when the problem was “fixed” and other users are waiting for answers.

How can it take “hours and hours” to enable a mailbox? Badly broken piece of “panel” kit, that!